Curriculum Vitae

Personal data:

Name: Monika Paduch
Address: Am Sinnenbusch 18, 54584 Feusdorf (Germany)

Date of birth: 3rd Oct., 1948
Place of birth: Ramsdorf (current name Velen), NRW, Germany

Nationality: German


School-leaving certificate:

High school graduation (Abitur) 1967, Helene-Lange-School, Dusseldorf


Certificates of professional education:

  1. Correspondence clerk for English and French;
    Examinations 1968 at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bonn
  2. Clerk
    Examination 1974 at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Cologne
  3. Diploma for Mechanical Engineering, Design Engineering,
    Examination 1980 at the University for Applied Sciences in Cologne (today’s Technical University of Cologne)
  4. State-approved translator for the English language
    Examination 1983 at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Dusseldorf


Professional practice:

Prior to the university studies, I worked for approx. 7 years as a foreign language correspondence clerk and official in charge in export departments.

After completion of the studies, I was employed as a design engineer in the export department of a machine factory for a couple of months. Between October 1980 and December 2008, I was a staff member and a scientific cooperator in the offices of the Commission on Air Pollution Prevention (KRdL) of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) and the German Standardization Organisation (DIN) where VDI Guidelines are established on Air Pollution Prevention. My main issue was odour. Among my tasks were the coordination of the work of interdisciplinary expert groups in the field of process engineering, measurement techniques, prevention of emissions, waste gas cleaning techniques, waste processing, as well as proof-reading and publication of VDI Guidelines and, if required, European standards (DIN EN), also in English. Moreover, I organized and chaired workshops and managed the scientific organization of congresses.


Extra-occupational education:

Mediation – I attended basic and advanced courses at the Friedensbildungswerk e.V. (association for peace education) in Cologne (1998/1999).

Between 1990 and 2007, I attended various courses and workshops in adult education centers (VHS and ASG) in Dusseldorf. The issues were conflict management, moderation, rhetoric, and computer skills as well as environmental protection technologies in workshops at various scientific organizations.


End of active professional life:

2008, early retirement


Present status

2015, start as a free-lancing translator for the English language